After looking inwards to analyze what was working, what was not working, and what was missing, I learned about the pain points our board has experienced, which allowed us to prioritize our action items for the near future. We also envisioned an optimistic future and set forth several exciting long term goals for our organization.
— Alexis Newman
We were in a comfortable location, largely free from the pressure to deliver for or think about our day jobs, and were provided with a completely open forum to voice ideas, hopes, and goals, as well as areas where we thought our organization needed to make urgent improvements. Like Planet Fitness, this day-long retreat was a judgment-free zone. In addition to providing a great forum, it was both wonderful to spend some personal time with my fellow board members and a great reassurance that many of us saw eye-to-eye on the possibilities for our organization.
— Brian Ferry
Just a few months later, I have already noticed the impact of this collaboration. It allows us to communicate in the same realm of promise, ensuring every component of the organization speaks to our short and long term goals. As an organization, I feel we are positioned to impact the lives of our membership by understanding the trends and changes in our market. The strategy session gave us intimate insight on how we have done it in the past, how we are doing it now, and how we will continue to carve the future.
— Anastasia Guadron
I didn’t realize most of our members aren’t active within our SMPS community. I thought about all the ways to engage new members and excite the PD committee members.

Having a bit more insight has definitely made me think about different ways to approach new members. This will allow for more interaction on my part, in particular during our New Member Breakfast meetings.
— Genesis Vasques

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