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Sip Session - May 15th

What would your future look like if you knew when to be afraid and when to be fearless?

Lena DiGenti was raised in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, where fearlessness in everyday life is a primary tenet. Locally, she’s best known for her ten-year stint creating the Plan b burger brand as Chief Strategy Officer.

Let’s explore together, the messages our bodies send us around fear and when those messages are useful and when they are holding us back.


Shift your thinking

If you want to bring a new future into existence, the first thing you need to do is change where you're thinking from. This content is all about provoking new ways of seeing and thinking that invite possibility.


Engage your team

The best futures are born from meaningful interactions among committed individuals. This content is designed to invite your team to engage in and own your organization's ideal future. 



Go to work

Ideas aren't useful unless they can be put into play to make a measurable difference. This content showcases tools for applying ideas that are intended to establish a new future.


Question Your Context

Your world will fight hard to keep things the way they are. Use these provocations to remind you that a better future is yours if you can stay on the path. Please share and use them as you wish.


Others in action

Sometimes it's easier to imagine a new future for yourself by watching others transform. Here are just a few examples of organizations we know that are in the process of designing a future worth fighting for.

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What tools do you need most?

We need your help to grow this toolkit! Please let us know what content would be most valuable in your quest to design a better future for your organization.


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