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Marketing the Marketer : How to get everything you need to be a more successful marketer without even asking

Brent Robertson to present at ÜBER 2016, Saratoga Springs NY

In this rapidly diversifying, endlessly more competitive landscape, it’s more difficult than ever for AEC firms to stand out of the crowd. As such, the function that marketing performs is only going to increase in importance, or at least should. So why do marketers, more often than not, have to fight an uphill battle to get the resources and attention they need to be successful? 

This workshop will uncover the reasons behind this fact and explore how marketing professionals can change how they are seen and related to by the rest of the organization to get what they need to be more successful. With SMPS’s member culture of “all in this together,” this workshop promises to leave attendees with an invigorating new perspective on their role, and versatile new techniques to maximize the impact their voice and their work has.